Monday, July 26, 2010

New fanzine: Notes

Here is the latest fanzine from Onigiri! After a long hiatus of nearly 3 years, a full colour art book packed full of illustrations is now available from me (Dara) with accompanying text by Oliver Castle!

I’ve had a lot of images that were slowly accumulating on my hard-drive over the years, I then decided to gather up my favourite ones, some of which needed retouching (so much so that some of the original pictures are now unrecognisable...) as well as producing several new ones to create an album chock full of original eye candy!

The fanzine will be available to NatsuKomi in August, then in France from September, in time for the Harajuku festival in Paris Bercy!

More information coming soon!


Notes (2010)
By Dara & Olivier Castle
32 pages, colour
Format B5